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Learn taekwondo fundamentals at any age

We teach taekwondo to students of all ages and levels, starting at 4 years old. Learn life lessons and discipline all while having fun!

Counter-Attack | Idaho Falls, ID | ATA Martial Arts | 208-523-1161

Learn from ATA nationally certified instructors

At ATA Martial Arts our classes are divided into age groups, with each group learning fundamental life skills appropriate for their age. Make sure your child is informed about stranger awareness and bully prevention while you can benefit from relaxation, coordination and mental discipline skills.

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Our tiny tiger taekwondo classes include:

  • Ages 4-7
  • Taekwondo fundamentals
  • Direction following
  • Listening skills
  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Stranger Awareness
  • Role playing scenarios

Our karate for kids taekwondo classes include:

  •  Ages 8-12
  • Taekwondo fundamentals
  • Self-defense
  • Stranger awareness
  • Life skills - courtesy and respect
  • Fun and pressure free environment
  • Bully prevention - in person and internet bullying

Our adult taekwondo classes include:

  • Ages 13 and up
  • Flexibility skills
  • Coordination skills
  • Cardiovascular skills
  • Relaxation skills
  • Mental disciple skills
  • Great for behaviorally troubled teens

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